Time to go home!

President of the Republic of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov called Ossetian volunteers in Donetsk and Luhansk to return home because their task is over.

Today Leonid Tibilov addressed the South Ossetian volunteers who took part in the fighting in the south-eastern Ukraine. He called on them to return home, because the active phase of the conflict is over, but Lugansk and Donetsk move to a different stage of its development, the formation of institutions of statehood. Accordingly, the mission of the Ossetian volunteers completed. The president stressed Tibilov:

As the commander in chief, I do not give the order to send you to the New Russia. You voluntarily left the peaceful life in the name of justice. But as the head of state today, I urge you to return home.

The President also referred to the families and friends of volunteers to support its appeal, reports news agency Res.

According to the Russian expert Eugene Krutikova, absolutely faithful to the president's call to volunteers from South Ossetia long time to go home:

Time to go home!

Of course, this appeal is absolutely correct, it is even too late. Perhaps this should have been done sooner rather than wait for the winter. In addition, one must understand that the situation in the DNI and the LC is rather complicated. It is bordered by a rather problematic relationship between the various centers of influence, including political. It is only logical that the element outsider, not very well versed in the situation, it may be caught up in some unpleasant circumstances. Therefore, it would be better if people leave the territory without further reputational losses.

It is impossible not to note that the call was preceded by Leonid Haritonovich unpleasant incidents with Ossetian volunteers who did not connected with the mission that they have undertaken. The situation has reached the point of absurdity, when the center of Donetsk Ossetian militias nearly killed by fighters like some local units. Here is an excerpt interview with the company commander Brigade South East Zaur. The guy obviously does not understand what's going on around you:

As we approached the car, there was some group. They opened fire, wounding two of my fighters, I gave the order, the order not to open the oncoming fire and not to resist thinking that people act within the law. We were brought into the building of the SBU, but there I have not received an answer to the question of what we brought to them. I never found out who these people were. For what? As I understand it, from the management of DNR orders in our arrest has been reported. So, we must still find out who it was, for what and on what grounds it was done.

Two injured all-time participation in the conflict Ossetians suffered at the hands of those whom they had come to protect. Absurd. The head of the Security Service of the People's Republic of Donetsk Alexander Khodakovsky officially apologized for the incident, but it does not clarify the situation.

It seems that something similar, but on a smaller scale took place in South Ossetia. I have not heard in Tskhinvali these words:

Most people did not die from the Georgian bullets, but in internal conflicts, often absurd, random.

Perhaps it is inevitable as soon subside active hostilities, begins clash of ambitions and internal struggle for power, which involve and people with weapons. Provocation, violence or even murder is quite a common trick in this kind of games. Nothing good volunteers from South Ossetia, they do not promise it is not their game. They they can only be a bargaining material, and as said Eugene Krutikov, they do nothing but damage to reputation, not bring. Perhaps that is why the president's call and came Tibilova:

Your task is to come to an end, it's time to go home!
Murat Gukemukhov
Echo of the Caucasus

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