Moscow residents of the neighborhood began to issue warrants

Administration of the city of Tskhinvali has started issuing orders residents of the neighborhood of Moscow, told news agency RES, the press service City Hall.
This issue was raised during the live head of administration of the city of Tskhinvali Alan Alborova, viewers wondered when will begin issuing orders for housing in the neighborhood "Moscow".

For several years, residents of the area were not homeowners they got houses and apartments, but there was no official papers from anyone - the press-service.
The problems created by the fact that the district was not on the balance sheet of the city administration, which also prevented the urban utilities to fully serve Moscow.
Once the estate transferred to the city, work began on the design of housing, has issued the first order. The first long-awaited documents received five family emergency workers in South Ossetia. Now they are the rightful owners of houses, - said at City Hall, adding that they should be registered in their homes for two weeks.
In the neighborhood are not all the streets have been named yet. This work intends to do City Hall in 2015, so that all residents have the opportunity to issue a residence permit.

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