Investors in North Ossetia plan to attract from the Middle East

The views to the east. Attract investors to North Ossetia plan from the Middle East. This was discussed today at the first meeting of the Board of Investment at the head of the republic. Held a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Sergei Takoeva. The head of the Chamber of Commerce Kazbek Tuganov proposed to create a republic individual investment territory. So, in his opinion, North Ossetia can insure themselves against the deficit of investment platforms in the future, and the forecasts are exactly as their number is rapidly declining. At the meeting, spoke not only about attracting investors to the republic, but also about maintaining the investment. The meeting also discussed the development strategy of investment attractiveness. Most promising for investments outside experts called industry, agriculture, tourism cluster and the cluster of innovative technologies. At the council also voiced that for investors, it is important, as a lack of cooperation on the proposed site with monopoly gas industry and energy. Also now be applied the principle of one-stop after the investor has proposed an answer he should get no more than 10 days. Sergey Takoev said that areas should form their own companies offer projects in different sectors, which may be attractive to investors.

Elementary, if someone in the same district center or built in the village shop is a real private investment, but it passes the statistics, so are all zeros. In a short time, in the same Alagirsky area of ​​four hundred turned out users reported 5-6. But after talking over two hundred already reported and other indicators at the district and the republic as a whole, so everyone should be in place in the national investment rating contribute to do, and when the overall rating is high, then the other terms of the investors, said Sergei taco Prime RSOAlaniya.
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