In Znauri South Ossetia is building a new Orthodox church

The new church of the Nativity of the Virgin built in the village Khodabula Znauri region of South Ossetia. The temple is built at the expense of the Alan Diocese, villagers and private donations. As told IA Res Alan Diocese priest Father George, who patronized the construction of the temple, now already laid the foundation of the building and preparatory works for the construction of the walls.

The initiative of the construction of a new church belongs to the local children, villagers Khodabula. Construction is also underway of their own, I told them, we can say, just helping. Many individuals were donated cement, bricks, for which we are very grateful - said Father George.
Completion of the construction, according to the priest, planned by mid next year.
Local residents are also looking forward to when completed construction of the temple and he will take his parishioners under the arches.
The place where the temple is built, already namolennoe, all residents of our village have always come here to "Huytsauy KWD # 1237; ndon" and prayed the Blessed Virgin Mary, though there was no temple. Our guys have their own built a shed, where he gathered all the villagers. Therefore, we are very pleased that in our village will be God's House, where we will be able to come, bring their children and ask the Lord's favor - said villager Manana Alborova.
Note formerly Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built in the village Bekmar Znauri district.

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