Defense Ministry of South Ossetia started their studies on charges mobilization deployment

From today, the Ministry of Defense of South Ossetia classes are held on charges mobilization deployment, told news agency RES, the press service department.
Classes, according to the Ministry of Defense employee, according to the plan are preparing for winter training of the Armed Forces of the RSO with mobilization deployment on the basis of the first platoon of the second infantry company on STS.
Chief Military Commissariat of the Republic and the district police, according to the assigned mobilization composition classes were called citizens of the Republic of South Ossetia males 20 to 60 years - said the official.
In the Defense Ministry also said that all the necessary measures to ensure the mobilization of the necessary allowances were conducted previously.
The first day of classes includes activities for medical examination, the distribution of personnel, obtaining uniforms.
Next, begin classes on tactical and combat training, study performance characteristics and material of the fixed arms, engineering training, the exercise start shooting and other events - told the press service.
Add that to the class fees mobilization deployment will last from 23 to 29 December.

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